Citrus is a perennial top flavor choice for beverages. According to Chicago-based Mintel’s Global New Product Database, citrus flavors are the No. 1 choice for retail beverages around the world.



  • Used for soft drinks, cooking, cakes, cocktails
  • Peels of citrus are used for medicine.


  • Beverage Industry’s 2015 New Product Development Outlook Survey found an increasing use of citrus flavors in beverages.
  • According to the survey, lemon was the No. 5 top-selling flavor in 2014 and named a high-selling ingredient according to 11% of survey respondents. The survey found in 2014 49% of respondents used orange flavor, ticking up 8% from 2014. Also, 47% used lemon flavor, rising 1%
  • Beverage Industry also reported citrus-flavored beverage launches rose 12% in the past two years, citrus is part of more than 50% of world flavors sold around the world, and more than 25% of new soft drink launches contained citrus or citrus blends last year.


  • The citrus flavor industry does face challenges. Orange trees are dying because of a disease called “greening,” caused by an Asian aphid. Prices of citrus oils and juice concentrates have increased as the products have become less available.
  • Contributing to price/availability issues is the increase in ingesting citrus in up-and-coming markets. Nevertheless, the citrus flavor market is on an upward trend.


  • Please talk to your doctor.

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