Neprinol AFD provides the right blend of systemic enzymes that your body needs for proper circulation and improved joint comfort.



  • Research has shown that protein-dissolving enzymes like those found in Neprinol can slow the production of fibrin and enhance its removal from the body.


  • Neprinol’s vegetarian enzyme blend tested to be more than 500% more fibrinolytic than the leading animal-based enzyme formulation.
  • Neprinol’s blend of systemic enzymes are similar to digestive enzymes, but are primarily used throughout the bloodstream rather than the gastrointestinal tract. Neprinol supports healthy levels of Endogenous Blood Particles or EBP’s.
  • EBP’s can be decayed cells, fibrin, fatty proteins, and other unwanted materials that normally accumulate in the blood.
  • Systemic enzymes like those in Neprinol support the body’s natural purification of these EBP’s, as well as maintaining healthy liver function and healthy inflammatory levels. Sustaining a healthy level of EBP’s is also beneficial for maintaining optimal immune and circulatory function.
  • Efficacy is of utmost importance to doctors and patients alike and Neprinol addresses this concern with a proven potency that can be utilized by healthcare professionals. Neprinol’s enzymes are remarkably different from typical animal derived systemic enzymes, which are sometimes derived from pork and cow sources.
  • The enzymes in Neprinol are a combination of vegetarian and selectively potent microbial strains. Although these ingredients are extremely potent, they are well tolerated in the body. Neprinol can be recommended for both clinical use and therapeutic applications.


  • Some of the common reported neprinol side-effects are chronic neck pain and headaches, nausea, vomiting diarrhea and other stomach disturbances.  You should consult a physician first if you are taking anti coagulants because the neprinol side-effects may be severe if administered at the same time with drugs which thin human blood. Most of these side effects are reactions of the body to the rigorous detoxification and cleansing effect of the neprinol.



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