Peppers Jalapeño are medium-sized chili peppers that are commonly picked and consumed while still green, but occasionally they are allowed to ripen fully and turn red. The seeds of the pepper have the heat, but the flesh has a mild flavor close to a green bell pepper. The heat is caused by capsaicin and is concentrated in the membrane surrounding the seeds.


  • Used in some hot and spicy cuisines.


  • Jalapenos are low in calories: Jalapenos are very filling and satisfy hunger without increasing the calorie count. One cup (90 grams) of radishes contains only 27 calories.
  • Jalapenos could improve the immune system: One serving of jalapenos contains 66 percent of vitamin C. Vitamin C could stimulate the immune system to produce white blood cells, which are the body’s first main line of defense against illness.
  • Jalapenos can fight against cancer: Jalapenos contain vitamin C to fight free radicals that can help prevent the mutation of healthy cells into cancer cells.
  • Jalapenos can provide migraine relief: Studies have suggested that jalapeno peppers may provide pain relief for migraine headaches. Capsaicin is known to inhibit a key neuropeptide, Substance P, which is the key brain pain transmitter.
  • Jalapenos may be anti-inflammatory: Capsaicin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It inhibits Substance P, which is associated with inflammatory processes. Capsaicin could treat arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy one day.
  • Jalapenos can also improve one’s nervous system.Jalapenos provide the brain the necessary amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Some vitamins, including folate or folic acid, play a significant role in the regulation of specific amino acids that the nervous system requires. Studies have shown that a deficient amount of dietary folate can increase the homocysteine levels, which can be a dangerous precursor to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Jalapenos are helpful for pregnant women and their babies.Jalapenos are an excellent source of the B-vitamin complex, such as folate or folic acid. Folate has shown to help in neural tube formation and red blood cell formation in prenatal babies. A deficiency of folic acid in pregnant women can lead to the birth of underweight infants and may also result in neural tube defects in newborns. One cup of jalapenos contains 11 percent of the daily recommended value of folate.




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