• A versatile ingredient seen as an emulsion stabilizer, viscosity increasing agent, and binding agent
  • Also known as Polythene (primarily in UK products)



  • Polyethylene is a polymer, or plastic, used in a variety of skin care and beauty products, including as eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, eyebrow pencils, lipstick, blushers, face powders and foundations, as well as in skin cleansers and skin care products, because of its versatile properties as an abrasive ingredient, adhesive, binder, bulking agent, emulsion stabilizer, film former, oral care agent and as a viscosity increasing agent.
  • One of its most popular uses in skin care products is as an ingredient in exfoliators, in which small beads made of Polyethylene are used for smoothing or polishing the skin.
  • Polyethylene is often seen in formulas because of its ability to bond other ingredients together, such as in make up foundations and compressed powder cakes. It can also be used to dilute solids, increase the thickness of formulas, or help keep emulsions from separating into oil and water components. It dries to form a thin coating on the skin, hair or nails, and is also seen as a toothpaste ingredient because of its ability to polish the teeth thanks to its exfoliating properties.


Source: www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/polyethelene

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