Polyquaternium-7 is an anti-static agent and film former.



  • Used in hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays, but is also seen in bath soaps and cleansing products.


  • It prevents the buildup of static electricity and forms a thin coating on the hair shaft that is absorbed by the hair, inhibiting the hair from absorbing moisture and creating frizz, according to CosmeticsInfo.org.


  • The Cosmetics Database rates Polyquaternium 7 as a low hazard ingredient, although it does not a concern about the contamination of this ingredient by the impurity Acrylamide. However, according to RealSelf.com, the CIR Expert Panel found that the maximum concentration of 10 ppm is small enough that in cosmetic formulas at less than 5% concentration, “the amount of acrylamide has no toxicological significance.”
  • A study was published in Contact Dermatitis in 2001 about cases of allergic contact dermatitis resulting from Laureth-9 and Polyquaternium 7 in a skin-care product, although it is unclear whether it is the combination of the two ingredients, or the presence of the Polyquaternium 7 alone that caused the reaction. However, in the Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Polyquaternium 7 published by the International Journal of Toxicology, it was determined that the only allergic or irritating reaction caused by this ingredient was ocular, and lasted less than 24 hours.



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