Radium Bromatum is the bromide salt of radium, with the formula RaBr2. It is produced during the separation of radium from uranium ore.



  • Radium Bromatum is an inorganic compound that was discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898, which sparked a huge interest in radiochemistry, especially radiotherapy.


  • Radium and radium salts were commonly used for treating cancer. However, many treatments that were used in the early 1900s are not used anymore because of the harmful effects radium bromide exposure caused. Some examples are anaemia, cancer, and genetic mutations. Health effects from harmful amounts of radium exposure are tricky to diagnose because it is a cumulative health hazard. It cannot be diagnosed until years after exposure. In summary, there are not many practical uses for radium bromide anymore.


Not enough information is available for Radium Bromatum.


  • Currently there is no information about Interactions with Radium Bromatum

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