Sodium citrate should be used with caution in: the elderly or weak (debilitated) patients.



As food additives, the 3 forms of the salt are also collectively known by the E number E331 and the term sour salt is coined for this chemical, because it possesses flavours of sour and salty.

Sodium citrate is sometimes used as an acidity regulator in drinks, and also as an emulsifier for oils when making cheese. It allows the cheeses to melt without becoming greasy. Sodium citrate can be used as a flavouring (typically Club Soda) or as a food additive.


  • Sodium citrate is used to treat a number of problems.
  • It is an osmotic laxative, which induces a laxative effect (stimulating stool production).
  • It is used to relieve constipation and works (when used as an enema for rectal use) by causing water to be drawn into the lower bowel (colon) to increase the water content and volume of stools, making them softer and easier to pass, relieving constipation. It also used for other purposes when taken by mouth, such as in adult women for the relief of symptoms due to cystitis (inflammation of the bladder owing to an infection of urine in women) where it reduces the acidity of urine, and before general anaesthesia to prevent stomach acid aspiration (inhalation of stomach acid into the airways), which may happen during a surgical operation or in pregnant women during child birth.
  • In general, this drug is used to relieve constipation, treat symptoms of mild cystitis or to prevent stomach acid aspiration during anaesthesia.
  • Benefits of being on this drug can include regular bowel movements, relief from the painful symptoms of cystisis and problems occurring after inhalation of acid stomach contents during surgery.


  • Diarrhoea
  • Dehydration

Only the most common side effects have been listed. If any of these persist or you consider them severe then inform your doctor.

Tell your doctor immediately if you develop any of the following symptoms:

  • prolonged constipation.


  • None are recorded. Please talk to your doctor.

Other names

Brand names: Canestan Oasis, Cystocalm, Relaxit Micro-enema (in combination with sodium lauryl sulphate, sorbic acid, sorbitol and glycerol), Micralax Micro-enema (in combination with sodium alkylsulphoacetate), Dioralyte (in combination with rice powder, sodium chloride and potassium chloride), Cymalon (in combination with sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate), Peach (in combination with dextrose monohydrate, potassium chloride and sodium chloride)


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