• Sulphur is used as a homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic Sulphur

  • Sulphur is one of Homeopathy’s leading polycrests. This means that, unlike some homeopathic remedies that can only be used on a small range of symptoms, Sulphur can treat a wide range of symptoms in a wide variety of people as long as the rule of “Like cures Like” is observed. Sulphur is frequently used to treat skin eruptions that are itchy in nature and often moist. It can treat skin complaints such as eczema, scabies, psoriasis, seborrhoea, poison oak eruptions, just to name a few. The itching produced will often be worse: at night; for the warmth of the bed; for bathing; and for wool.
  • Sulphur is a remedy for disturbances of body temperature. Heat and flushing can be found in its symptom picture. The heat can be generalised but will often focus in either the head or the feet. Burning sensations can often be associated with the heat. There can often be a lot of redness at body orifices (openings), for example, eyes may be red and “gritty”, anus red and itchy, and lips just plain red.
  • People who need Sulphur may crave sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, fats, spicy foods, and alcohol, especially beer and whiskey. They can dislike eggs. Often they will complain of not being hungry in the morning until 11am. Gastric complaints such as heartburn, gastritis, and peptic ulcers also feature. Bowel motions and flatulence are notoriously offensive and diarrhoea, especially first thing in the morning, can be a common symptom. Sleep may be difficult with many people needing Sulphur complaining about insomnia. They may have problems with left-sided shoulder pains.
  • On the mental/emotional level, “Sulphur types” can be philosophically inclined but blind to the practical side of day-to-day living. Many have described their Sulphur partners or children as being lazy. Alternatively, they can be practical idealists who, with boundless energy, strive to help fellow humanity. They have a reputation for egotism and feeling superior to others, but this is often accompanied by great generosity.
  • Some of the conditions Sulphur can treat include : abscesses; acne; alcoholism; allergy; angina; heart arrhythmias; arthritis; asthma; bronchitis; chronic fatigue syndrome; colitis; congestive heart failure; conjunctivitis; constipation; dementia; depression; diarrhoea; eczema; gout; headaches; haemorrhoids; hepatitis; herpes; hypertension; lower back pains; menopausal flushes; migraine; nasal polyps, otitis media; pharyngitis; pneumonia; prostatitis; psoriasis; rectal abscess or fissure; reflux; rheumatoid arthritis; rhinitis; sciatica; sinusitis; tinea; tonsillitis.


  • This is a homeopathic remedy. Please consult your doctor before administering homeopathic remedies and proceed with caution.


Source: homeopathyplus.com.au/four-problems-one-solution/

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