Toffee is one of those candies which is widely eaten by people, it is a candy that is made by molasses or caramelizing sugar along with other ingredients such as butter and flour. While it is being prepared some people also add nuts and raisins to the mixture in order to provide a slightly different texture and taste.



  • Candy is something that everyone likes, there are many different kinds of candies that you can find on the market, each has a different taste and price.


  • It may be hard to believe, but candy and toffee have lots of hidden benefits. Most of these benefits exist due to the fact that these toffees are made from natural sources, for example chocolate is made entirely from natural sources like cocoa beans and include no artificial ingredients.
  • Firstly, it is known through a study at Harvard that people who eat a lot candy outlive those who do not. This does not mean that you go on eating toffee every day for the rest of your life because it contains a decent amount of sugar which is really bad for the body. However, if a person consumes toffee or candy one to three times a month it will be considered a modest amount and can bring great health benefits.
  • Toffee contains sugar and sugar has many uses, one thing that researcher have found is that sugar keeps the level of perseverance high and keeps people focused. It restores willpower which is required by the body and the mind to carry out daunting tasks.
  • Toffee also contains a decent amount of everything, it provides good nutrition which is required by the body. It contains 7% calories from fat and that is the total fat that exists in the mixture.
  • There is zero cholesterol and sodium, therefore you do not have to worry about most diseases that are caused by these two things. It does contain carbohydrates in the form of dietary fiber, sugars and polyols which comprise 2% of the mixture, there is no protein.
  • The main contents of toffee is vitamin C because it is present in a large quantity and makes 83% of the toffee, zinc on the other hand constitutes 10%.


Should be consumed in moderation


None are known.

Other names

Most common are caramels, nougat and candy





  1. Kay Rio Mist

    Happy that toffee has some benefits because I’ve ate Almond Rocca for the last three days, sparingly as a snack.

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