Tomato Pomace is an inexpensive by-product of tomato manufacturing.



  •  It is sometimes used in pet and livestock food manufacturing as a source of dietary fiber, as well as B vitamins, Lycopene and (to a lesser extent) vitamin A.
  • As the primary component of tomato pomace is the tomato skin, it has the potential for higher amounts of pesticide residues than tomatoes themselves.
  • As tomato pomace tends to be about 75% water, the cost of shipping tends to be very high (due to weight). In California, where 95% of the processing tomatoes in the United States are grown, most of the pomace goes to dairies and is added to cattle feed.
  • In the Midwest, the majority ends up in landfills. the moisture content in the tomato pomace ranges from 45% to 80% depending on the processing technology.


  •  It helps naturally adjust pH levels to help reduce crystals, it naturally stimulates taste and it is an aid in our feline hairball formula by helping to draw cat hair through the cats system.


  • It is concluded that 10% of sundried tomato pomace can be a useful ingredient of dry dog foods. High levels of tomato pomace in the diet are well accepted with no negative effect on feces consistency.


  • Unknown, please consult your nutritionist.

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