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Urtica urens, commonly known as annual nettle, dwarf nettle, small nettle, dog nettle or burning nettle, is a herbaceous annual flowering plant species in the nettle family Urticaceae. It is native to Eurasia and it can be found in North America and New Zealand as an introduced species.



Urtica Urens has marked action on various skin problems. Urtica Urens also helps in allergic reactions, burns and scalds. It helps in symptoms caused due to burns, beestings, allergic reactions, ill effects of shell fish and nettle rash. Urtica urens is useful in first degree burns, locally and internally.


Burning and Stinging Skin Complaints:

Urtica can work quite well as a homeopathic remedy for any type of skin condition, particularly those that involve a great deal of burning and stinging. Conditions that are tremendously helped by Urtica include : skin rashes, hives, allergic skin reactions. These reactions can come from a wide variety of sources including insect bites and stings, shellfish and plants.

Rheumatic Pain:

Any sort of pain that is associated with rheumatism or similar in nature may be a perfect ailment cured or treated by using the homeopathic remedy urtica. This may show up in gout, nerve inflammation, and even neuralgia.


Just as it may work to help the burning and stinging associated with certain skin conditions, urtica works as a homeopathic remedy for burns caused by heat to the skin as well. Burns suffered to the skin in any manner, particularly when it is blistered or hot, can be helped tremendously by using urtica.


No side effects are known. Please consult your doctor.


None interactions are recorded.

Other names

Urtica, Dwarf Stinging Nettle


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