urtica urens

The homeopathic remedy urtica urens is prepared using the entire herb known as annual nettle, while it is in blossom and is used to treat a number of health conditions, especially nettle rash or hives.



Herbalist have made extensive use of this rather common weed to treat a variety of disorders down the centuries, and the herbal remedies derived from the nettle have been used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, in the treatment of various stomach problems, in the treatment of diabetes, and to stanch nosebleeds. The herbal remedy is also used in the treatment of hives – or urticaria, the symptomatic rash of which resembles the nettle induced rash very closely.
The herbal remedies made from the nettle are also used extensively in the treatment of many other kinds of conditions, and the various herbal remedies are taken in the form of internal tonics or as topical applications in the form of externally applied herbal ointments, the main use of the remedies has been largely in the treatment of a variety of skin problems and disorders. Particularly in the treatment of burning and stinging sensations produced in the skin, during an allergic reaction and through other causes. The herb in general is an excellent herbal remedy for all types of skin rashes, as a good example, the treatment of hives – or urticaria, which is caused by insect stings is easily treated using this herbal remedy, the herbal remedy made from the nettle is also excellent for treating allergic reactions developed to shellfish, like shrimp among others. The homeopathic remedy urtica urens can successfully deal with the symptoms of burns, especially in those case when the skin becomes very hot and blistered over; this homeopathic remedy is also excellent for the treatment of disorders such as eczema, particularly if it comes with symptoms where the skin is very itchy or blotchy in appearance, both of these disorders are effectively treating using this homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic remedy urtica urens can also be in the treatment of all kinds of skin eruptions that are suppressed using different steroid ointments, and when these lead to diarrhea, the use of this homeopathic remedy will quickly and rapidly lead to complete recovery from the disorder. The plant based remedies are also an effective remedy for all cases of rheumatism and they are normally given for the treatment of acute cases of gout, to treat neuritis-inflammation of the nerves, and to treat cases of neuralgia. The nettle can also be used to treat various disorders which specifically affect women, the nettle remedies are used effectively to treat cases of vulval itching and to promote breast milk production in lactating mothers with scanty milk flow. Urtica urens is also excellent to treat burning urine inducing itching sensations, which may often be associated with disorders such as cystitis.


Burning and Stinging Skin Complaints:

Urtica can work quite well as a homeopathic remedy for any type of skin condition, particularly those that involve a great deal of burning and stinging. Conditions that are tremendously helped by Urtica include : skin rashes, hives, allergic skin reactions. These reactions can come from a wide variety of sources including insect bites and stings, shellfish and plants.

Rheumatic Pain:

Any sort of pain that is associated with rheumatism or similar in nature may be a perfect ailment cured or treated by using the homeopathic remedy urtica. This may show up in gout, nerve inflammation, and even neuralgia.


Just as it may work to help the burning and stinging associated with certain skin conditions, urtica works as a homeopathic remedy for burns caused by heat to the skin as well. Burns suffered to the skin in any manner, particularly when it is blistered or hot, can be helped tremendously by using urtica.


Documented adverse effects (emmenagogue and uterine stimulant). Avoid use. Although not yet clinically observed, trillium could have potential membrane-irritating effects and induce some cardiac activity.


None are recorded.

Other names

Trillium erectum L. Family: Liliaceae. T. grandiflorum (Michaux) Salisb., Bethroot , trillium , birthroot , Indian balm , purple trillium , stinking Benjamin , wake-robin , trillium pendulum , ground lily , cough root , jewsharp , snake bite


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